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AWF Online Competition 2020

Sep 30 2020

The Australian Weightlifting Federation is intending to conduct a national online competition starting Monday 2 November and concluding Friday 6 November, 2020. The competition is a head to head bodyweight category competition conducted in real-time by an online announcer and lifts are adjudicated by online referees.

Participants may compete at home or at a club, must have reliable internet connection, two devices that connect to the internet, and one of these devices must have a camera that is positioned in front of the athlete. The other device must have a speaker to enable the athlete to hear the calls of the announcer.

Participants may weigh themselves unsupervised using accurate scales that measure in increments of 100gm of less. Bodyweight and starting attempts are emailed to the competition secretary no later than 10 minutes after the end of the weigh-in period. 

There is no qualification grade to enter this event but the minimum attempt allowed is 21Kg for women and 26Kg for men, and all competitors must have reached the age of 13.

Participants will be fully briefed in the weeks prior to event.

The event is a team competition. Each state can enter 10 men and 10 women and the results of the top 5 team members in each gender count towards the team total.

Weightlifting Tasmania seeks expressions of interest from members to compete in this event.  The entry fee is $20 per individual. 

Send expressions of interest to be a part of the Tasmania team to: CLICK HERE (at

Download Competition Regulations



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