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Lifter's Name Jennifer Carter Gender F
Club Notorious State TAS
Coach Lincoln Bowman
Age Group Senior Weightlifting Age 26 (Born 1995)

Personal Bests


Competition History

President's cup final60.00486911725/11/2017158.075I
Chugg Memorial and President's Cup Round 157.50(+3) 51(+0) 69(+3) 12010/02/2018166.708H
2017 Masters Championships and President's Cup Round 257.85507012016/03/2018166.034H
State U15/17 Youth Championships and President's Cup Round 359.60487011812/05/2018160.112I
State Junior/Senior Championships and President's Cup Round 557.755071(+1) 12121/07/2018167.610H
Cliff Joyce Memorial and President's Cup Round 659.28(+2) 53(+1) 72(+4) 1256/10/2018170.201I
President's Cup Grand Final59.005373(+1) 1268/12/2018172.092H
WTI Masters Championships & PC161.46074019/01/20190.000UNGRADED
Chris Chugg Memorial & PC262.9507302/03/20190.000UNGRADED
WTI Senior Championships & PC363.6851751266/04/2019164.070H
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC463.655376(+3) 12925/05/2019168.023H
WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC565.18(+2) 55(+2) 78(+4) 13327/07/2019170.816H
PC6 - Ulver63.9053741277/09/2019165.030H
Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC763.76557112619/10/2019163.946H
Presidents Cup Final63.7054711257/12/2019162.736I
Chris Chugg + PC166.4052731258/02/2020158.831I
WTI Junior + U23 Championships + PC265.08(+1) 56(+-2) 7613214/03/2020169.683I
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC463.58496811718/07/2020152.493I
Cliff Joyce Memorial + PC563.82527412610/10/2020163.854H
President Cup Final + PC762.805680(+3) 1365/12/2020178.586G
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC162.9553731266/02/2021165.215H
WTI U15 & U17 Championships & PC263.58557513015/05/2021169.437H
WTI Masters Championships & PC363.00557513019/06/2021170.378H
WTI State Seniors, Chris Chugg Tournament and PC463.74560024/07/20210.000UNGRADED
WTI Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC563.70547412825/09/2021166.642H

Competition Attempts

President's cup final60.00454851636669486911725/11/2017
Chugg Memorial and President's Cup Round 157.50485151666972516912010/02/2018
2017 Masters Championships and President's Cup Round 257.85475052687072507012016/03/2018
State U15/17 Youth Championships and President's Cup Round 359.60485151667073487011812/05/2018
State Junior/Senior Championships and President's Cup Round 557.75475050677171507112121/07/2018
Cliff Joyce Memorial and President's Cup Round 659.2850535369727453721256/10/2018
President's Cup Grand Final59.0053535371737653731268/12/2018
WTI Masters Championships & PC161.46525252707474074019/01/2019
Chris Chugg Memorial & PC262.9550505069737307302/03/2019
WTI Senior Championships & PC363.6848515470737551751266/04/2019
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC463.65515355747676537612925/05/2019
WTI U15/U17 Championships & PC565.18535557757880557813327/07/2019
PC6 - Ulver63.9053535674747453741277/09/2019
Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC763.76485255636771557112619/10/2019
Presidents Cup Final63.7054545767717554711257/12/2019
Chris Chugg + PC166.4046495265707352731258/02/2020
WTI Junior + U23 Championships + PC265.08495356697376567613214/03/2020
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC463.58454952606568496811718/07/2020
Cliff Joyce Memorial + PC563.82525555707474527412610/10/2020
President Cup Final + PC762.8053565674778056801365/12/2020
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC162.9553535673767653731266/02/2021
WTI U15 & U17 Championships & PC263.58555555757878557513015/05/2021
WTI Masters Championships & PC363.00505557757878557513019/06/2021
WTI State Seniors, Chris Chugg Tournament and PC463.7451565873560024/07/2021
WTI Cliff Joyce Memorial & PC563.70545757747878547412825/09/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events2560%62%61%
Higher Events (National/International)0---
All Events (Overall)2555%67%61%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 17 events-5kg - 22 events
When missed-1kg - 7 events-5kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ72F64TASU2306/Oct/2018Broken by Darcy Elliston
CJ73F59TASSenior08/Dec/2018Broken by
CJ73F59TASU2308/Dec/2018Broken by
SNATCH53F59TASSenior08/Dec/2018Broken by
SNATCH53F59TASU2308/Dec/2018Broken by
TOTAL126F59TASSenior08/Dec/2018Broken by
TOTAL126F59TASU2308/Dec/2018Broken by
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