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2018 Presidents Cup Final

2018 Presidents Cup Final

Dec 07 2018

Full Report

The 2018 Presidents Cup Final was held at Crossfit Levitate, Launceston on 8 December. This was the culmination of 8 rounds which took place throughout 2018. 

A record number of 89 participants took part and Tasmania reached its highest ever participation in Weightlifting at 101.

Nine (9) competitors achieved a creditable 6 out of 6 performance: Charlee Adams, Melissa Hanson, Hannah Pickrell, Shannon Manson, Lincoln Bowman, Tim Sumpton, Sjon Enkelaar-Sweetman, Ky Wittich, and Angus Verhay.

28 participants scored 1 or more personal bests: Abbey Boon, Alison Baker, Annaliese Owen, Ben Spinks, Bianca Holloway, Charlee Adams, Dominic Newman, Elizabeth Knox, Emily Kirkpatrick, Hannah Pickrell, Jennifer Carter, Jewel Banks, Jorja Love, Ky Wittich, Maggie Florence, Melissa Hanson, Michael Pickrell, Mollie Paton, Monique Booth, Mya Venn, Olivia Nugent, Paul McIntyre, Ryan Dudman, Sophie Dubbeld, Sophie Kline, Timothy Boys, Tony Hagar, and Zac Morrisby.

The importance of the President's Cup is that it gives people a chance to participate on a frequent basis and have their performances adjudicated by qualified referees. Competitions are a critically important aspect of Olympic Weightlifting as they provide an opportunity to learn, a goal to direct one's training and a sense of community.

Get: Tabulation of Scores, Rounds 1 - 8, Male and Female

2018 Presidents Cup - Overall Winners

Kayla Pennicott

In 2018, Kayla qualified for the Australian Senior Championships for the first time and rose to 20th rank in the women's 64 category. Kayla put together 4 solid performances in the President's Cup throughout the year to secure victory.

Lincoln Bowman

Lincoln, ranked 27th nationally, achieved at 6 out of 6 performance and eclipsed his previous best total for 2018 set in February. This was a welcome return to form after a troubling knee injury.



Full List of Awards Recipients

Male Open, Best Overall

1st. Lincoln Bowman, 2nd. Ben Spinks, 3rd. Michael Pickrell

Female Open, Best Overall

1st. Kayla Pennicott, 2nd. Marisa McFadden, 3rd. Jennifer Carter

Male U20, Best Overall

1st Ben Spinks

Female U20, Best Overall

1st Stephanie Pickrell

Male U17 Novice, Best Overall

1st. Zac Morrisby

Female U17 Novice, Best Overall

1st. Abbey Boon

Male Master, Best Overall

1st. Michael Pickrell

Female Master, Best Overall

1st Melissa Hanson, 

U17 Novice, Most Improved

1st Hannah Pickrell

Full Results on AWF Website

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