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Level 2 Accreditation Course

Sep 07 2020

Overview of Course

Requires individuals to attend a weekend face-to-face course, approximately 10 hours of self-study and the completion of assessment materials. The only prerequisite is the completion of the Level 1 and there is no minimum coaching experience requirement.

The course runs under the auspices of the Australian Weightlifting Federation, and fees are set by this organisation.

Benefit of the Course

As a second step in the AWF's coach education program, this course builds on the practical skills developed in the Level 1 course and presents key theoretical knowlege that supports better coaching practise. The course will provide participants with an opportunity to accelerate their development as as a coach and be able to make more informed decisions in dealing with athletes. 

The weekend will provide an excellent opportunity for coaches to discuss the day-to-day issues that they encounter in their coaching practise and to gain greater insight into the process of developing athletes.

Date and Venue

This course is likely top be held in October or November but as yet no clear date exists. The date will be set as soon as there are at least six prospective participants who are available on the same weekend.

The venue will most likely be at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania / Align Fitness and Massage, 110 Mornington Road, Mornington. This will be confirmed as soon as a possible date is identified.

Units of the Course

Unit 01: Applied Physiology

Adapt training programs according to the condition of the individual athlete

Unit 02: Fundamental Technique of the Competition Lifts

Demonstrate an understanding of the principles the underpin weightlifting technique. This unit includes aspects of Biomechanics that relate to Weightlifting technique.

Unit 03: Faults: Detection and Correction

Demonstrate the ability to detect technical faults and provide corrective strategies.

Unit 04: Assistance Exercise

Use a range of Weightlifting exercises that develop skill and strength of the athlete.

Unit 05: Weightlifting Programming

Develop periodised training programs that prepare athletes for Weightlifting competitions and serve their longer-term needs for physical and psychological development.

Unit 06: Ethical Practise and Coaching Children

Display behaviours and standards expected as a coach and provide quality coaching to children.

Unit 07: Coaching considerations of older athletes

Provide safe and appropriate training for older athletes.

Unit 08: Maximising strength, power, hypertrophy and endurance

Provide a range of training strategies for maximising strength, power, hypertrophy and muscular endurance for all athletes, Weightlifting and non-Weightlifting.

Unit 09: Developing sports power programs

Develop periodised resistance-training programs that improve the physical qualities of  athletes competing in sports other than Weightlifting.

Unit 10: Dynamic stability and injury prevention

Integrate exercises into the athlete’s training program that develop appropriate range of movement, bodily control and stability, and lessen the likelihood of injury.


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